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08./09. Sept. 2018 Workshop

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"kl. Sitzungssaal" im 1.OG, Hl. Dreifaltigkeit Augsburg/Kriegshaber, Ulmer Str. 195 A

- ausreichend Parkplätze vorhanden

- Getränkeautomat

- Straßenbahn-Haltestelle Linie 2 "Neusässer Str." fast ggü


3rd Irish Set Dancing Workshop and Steps for Sets

08/09th Sept 2018

We're happy to announce two separately workshops.

Both workshops will be on both days and at the same time and in the same building, but different rooms.

So, please don't get confused
One will be hosted by the wonderful Markéta Utišilová from Prague (steps for sets/Sean Nós).
The other one by our friend and great teacher Andrea Forstner from Erlangen (set dancing).

venue: pastoral center, Ulmer Str. 195A, 86156 Augsburg
nice accommodation is very close

workshops sat 10.00-12.30 and 2.30-5.00 
sun 10.30-13.00 
ceili/session saturday night 8 pm


live music (ceili) with Attila & Friends !

We are very pleased to have them with us! It´s an acoustic project

since 2005 of international Folk, Bluegrass and Irish Folk

Listen here to their music www.attila-and-friends.de

We already did some little events with them and it worked very well ;-)

And if there is enough interest we will do another ceili on sunday as well, but no live music.

Costs are 45€ (incl. ceili) for Andrea Forstners workshop or  35€ (incl. ceili) for Markéta Utisilovás workshop.
The ceili only is 10€.


- limited attendance ! -


confirmed registration at info@minderofnature.com or Sandra Ulrich 0049176/82735332

accommodation nearby

Brauerei-Gasthof Fuchs, Alte Reichsstraße 10, 86356 Neusäß

Hotel/Pension Langenmarck, Langemarckstraße 36, 86156 Augsburg

(cheaper conditions for weekend participants)

Hotel Unterbarer Hof, Ulmer Str. 218, 86156 Augsburg

(cheaper conditions for weekend participants)


Flyer english and german

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